(8-24-16) Taking the Adirondack to NYC

Hi guys,

Today we’re leaving Montreal, and going to New York via the Amtrak Adirondack. Here we have AMT ALP-44 1364 on approach to Montreal Gare Central.

There used to be a swing bridge across the river, but then they opted after the old bridge became a bit old.

Wow, I had no idea AMT still had those Gallery cars and GO cars! I was surprised when I saw this, as I thought they were all scrapped.

Here we have a grain car from Saskatchewan. Nice paint scheme, though.

An easy way to tell that you are still in Canada is by the crossing gates. The crossbuck differs from the US variant, as it is white with a red border. Here in the US, we have a white crossbuck with the lettering, “Railroad Crossing”.

We sat here for a while.

Still in the same spot.

And again.

And still.

Here we have the Montreal-bound Adirondack passing us in upstate NY.

At one of the New York train stations, they had a historic ALCO locomotive sitting on display.

And at Saratoga Springs, the Saratoga and North Creek railroad had a BL2 locomotive on Tourist duty.

Now that we’re at Albany-Rensselaer station for the power change, here we have P42-DC AMTK #703.

Here we have the builder’s plate for the locomotive.

On the Hudson I took many sunset pictures. Given that we were clocking 90 MPH, I didn’t include all of them. Here are a couple of the best ones.

At Penn Station, I filmed the M7 that was going to take us to Flushing-Main Street.


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