(8-25-16) Central Park Zoo, WTC Memorial


Today we start out in pleasant Flushing, Queens, where we have a taste of Toronto. Evidently this bus was bought/leased from GO transit.IMG_0845

At Central Park, we have the Sea Lion being fed.IMG_0853

I even took some videos!

I experimented with some flower photography and got this picture.


This adorable puffin kept tapping the glass, while I took a video.IMG_0863

Here we have a grizzly bear foraging for food.IMG_0868IMG_0870Here we have a turtle basking in the August sun, in the wonderfully clear and litter-free turtle pond.IMG_0878

The following pictures are from the bird section in the zoo. I think most of them are from Brazil somewhere.IMG_0907IMG_0906IMG_0904SNOW MONKEYS!!!IMG_0898IMG_0897IMG_0896IMG_0895IMG_0892

At the SF zoo, we have a Red Panda. He’s adorable. Here we have one 3000 miles across the country.IMG_0891IMG_0913IMG_0914IMG_0915IMG_0917IMG_0924IMG_0923

Now that we’re out of the Central Park and we’re getting lunch, we have Shoecolate. Weird…IMG_0925

Down by the subway again, we have some adorable miniature statues.IMG_0933Here we have our R160 E train at the WTC memorial station. All of the NYCTA vids can be found right here on my YouTube channel. I’ll embed it when we finally leave New York.IMG_0936Westfield WTC built this monolith billion-dollar harp. This is just the entrance!IMG_0937

Here is one of the new World Trade Centers.IMG_0938IMG_0939And now we’re at the memorial pool, where they have the names of all the lives lost in the 9/11 incident.IMG_0940IMG_0941IMG_0943IMG_0944IMG_0945IMG_0946IMG_0947

And here we have whatever the hell that is.IMG_0948

Next post will be about the New York Aquarium and Woodside.


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