(8-27-17) Transit Museum

Hey peeps!

Today we’re going to the NYCTA transit museum, in Brooklyn. Here we have a R188 7 line service at Flushing Main Street, ready to begin a run to 34 St Hudson-Yards.IMG_1053

Changing trains at Court Square, we have a R68 G service at Court Square.IMG_1057

In my YouTube video here, there’s a cabride about 2 minutes in. I hung around the first car, where this a railfan window, albeit a very scratched one.IMG_1058

As you can see, Westinghouse, ANF Industrie, and Alsthom all worked on this carriage.IMG_1060

The driver of the R68 was a jittery guy. Here he is checking the four-car train for any stragglers at Hoyt-Schermerhorn St station.IMG_1061When they were building the subway they had to use mine carts to transport materials.IMG_1068In the pre-subway days, New York had a very large network of cable cars and streetcars.


When the old City Hall station was being built, they ran narrow gauge mine cart tracks, complete with a small turntable.


Here we have a detail of a crossing gate that was on display at the museum.


And here we have a Yellow Redbird on shrubbery duty.IMG_1076

Here we have NY&MRRW Railway 2-4-6 Tank Engine Gravesend.IMG_1079

Here we have a streetcar.IMG_1080

Here we have a BU car.IMG_1083IMG_1087

Here we have a World’s Fair painted R33.


R12 was also on display.IMG_1091

Here we have R15 6239 in a red and beige scheme.IMG_1094

Here we have a Q-type car on display.IMG_1096

Here is old pump car 56, which has pumps inside.IMG_1100IMG_1102IMG_1103

LIRR 60, or a caboose, was on display behind a steeplecab and a diesel switcher.IMG_1104

Good to see you again, Dashing Dan.IMG_1106


GE 40-tonner switcher that used to operate work trains was present and accounted for.IMG_1110

A former A train, or a R44 was also on display.IMG_1112

R16 happened to be there, too.IMG_1113

AB Standard was there.


Here we have an unidentified stainless-steel coach.IMG_1119

This train was rolled for Coney Island.


Here is a model of one of the earliest forms of public transportation in New York. With some of those BU cars is a 0-4-0 tank engine.IMG_1129

Tomorrow we leave NYC.


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