(8-28-16) Departure

Salutations, glorious republic!

Today we’re leaving NYC. Starting our day out, we have many subway cars at the Jamaica yard.IMG_1135

I figured that now would be as good a time as any to show you the compilation of NYC subway videos that I took during this trip.

At JFK, we have an Air India 777-300ER most likely bound for Delhi.


Here we have a Virgin America A320. This one’s Sol Plane.IMG_1138Delta has a couple (many) planes at it’s JFK hub. Here are a couple Boeing 757 specimens.IMG_1141

Here is Sol Plane being hooked up to the jet-bridge.IMG_1143

Avianca brought a 737 to JFK. Star Alliance, scheme, I might add.IMG_1144

I remember thinking in August that I would remember the plane’s name when I got back. Now it’s almost April, and I have no idea what this Virgin America A320’s name is.IMG_1145

Now that we’re on the plane, you can look at this plane…again.IMG_1146

A340’s are massive! Here we have a South African Airways A340 bound for Johannesburg.IMG_1148

Delta 737.IMG_1149

El Al 747, most likely bound for Tel Aviv.IMG_1150

Emirates A380 was in the Penalty Box. When it leaves JFK, it’ll go towards Dubai airport.IMG_1153IMG_1156

JAL 767 was on the taxiway, going to Tokyo Narita.IMG_1157

Until now, I had never seen a JetBlue plane that wasn’t an A320. This is an Embraer 190. <GASP!>IMG_1158

Far off in the distance there was a Korean Air 747 coming in for a landing, most likely from Seoul Incheon Airport.IMG_1159

Delta 737.IMG_1160

The last subway of the trip! R46 A set bound for Rockaway Beach.IMG_1164IMG_1168
I wonder what plane this is…looks like a private charter jet, but the registration is too small to read. 😦 Probably a 757.IMG_1170

China Southern 777-300ER.IMG_1171

Here we have a view of Idlewild Airport…sorry, JFK. Right after JFK’s assassination, Idlewild put in a request to the FAA to change it’s code from IDW to JFK. Fun fact: Sioux City, Iowa, has an airport code that is SUX. They have tried to change it multiple times, but the only other code that the FAA would offer was GAY. And Sioux City is still SUX.IMG_1173

This looks like the LIRR Far Rockaway branch, with a M3 set parked next to a M7 at a station.IMG_1174

There’s Rockaway Beach.IMG_1175

So, the next few (twenty) pictures will be just various pictures of airfields, as seen from 30,000 feet up.IMG_1177IMG_1178IMG_1179IMG_1180IMG_1182IMG_1183IMG_1184IMG_1185IMG_1186IMG_1187IMG_1189IMG_1190IMG_1195IMG_1198

Here’s San Jose Airport (SJC) seen on our descent path to SFO.IMG_1199IMG_1200

Moffett field as seen from our plane. Moffett’s IATA code is NUQ, and it is currently an out of commission as a federal airfield. However, it is still in use for occasional military and Google 757 services.     IMG_1201Here’s the Dumbarton bridge! The one on the left is the Dumbarton Rail Bridge, and the one on the right is the Dumbarton Road Bridge. In 1998, the Western approach was burned down and now they don’t run trains there anymore.IMG_1203

We raced a Delta 717 down to SFO.IMG_1204IMG_1205IMG_1206

Here are some waterfront Foster City homes.IMG_1207

Here we are landing at SFO.

Here’s the 717 we raced.IMG_1210

I’ve never seen this plane before! I googled it the day after and found out that it is a Safety Training Boeing 757.IMG_1212

Here’s a United 747. In October they’re scheduled to be finally retired from United service. So here is a blurry homage to the “Queen of the Skies.”IMG_1213

Here is a United A319? Looks like it.IMG_1214

Here is a United CRJ.IMG_1215

Two of these weird little two-person jets flew off in quick succession. I took a second picture, but it wasn’t as good as the first one. So here’s the first picture.IMG_1216

Here’s an American A321 parked at SFO.IMG_1218

Here’s a bigger American plane.IMG_1219

Here’s a Delta Embraer jet on it’s way out.IMG_1220

There we go! Here’s two United 747s and a Air China 747-8i parked at near the BART station.IMG_1224

Here’s a better view of the Air China 747-8i and Lufthansa A380.IMG_1225

Here’s our BART train arriving at SFO station.

And here’s our Caltrain arriving at Millbrae.

Caltrain still hasn’t bothered to paint over the old Metrolink cars, and instead just stuck them in service.IMG_1227The old Metrolink cars have a lot more rivets than the Caltrain cars. This is because they are a lot older than the Caltrain cars, which came from Sounder, in Seattle. IMG_1228

En pointe was JPBX 925, Jackie Spier. Taken at Hayward Park.IMG_1229

Next post will be about our November visit to Portland.


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