(11-11-16) November in Portland

Hi guys.

Starting off this short long weekend trip to Portland, we have Ollie sitting patiently in is car seat. This would be our first trip where we took Ollie on a plane, so it was really special!IMG_1648

Here’s Ollie in his transport bag.IMG_1650

Here’s Runway Angel, an A320.IMG_1656

While I was at SFO, I managed to get a closeup view of the taxiway action with all of the wonderful heavybodies flying international.

We also had a wonderful engine view.IMG_1657

Next to us was a Virgin America A319.IMG_1659

There’s Ollie, stowed snugly under the seat for the >2 hour flight.IMG_1662

Here’s a couple of American Airlines planes.IMG_1684

Here is a Delta Connection CRJ.IMG_1685

Here’s a Korean Air 747-8i bound for Seoul Incheon.IMG_1686

There’s the Dublin-Pleasanton BART line, which runs down the median of I-680 between Castro Valley and Dublin-Pleasanton.IMG_1691

There’s the Martinez bridge, which has a rail bridge through the middle.IMG_1693

Nearing Portland we have a gigantic freight yard.IMG_1705

At PDX we have a Delta 757.IMG_1714IMG_1715

After leaving the Airport, we head to their MAX station to see a Type 2 light rail.IMG_1719

Here is our Type 2 next to a Type 5 at NE 7th Avenue, which is served by the Red, Blue, and Green lines.IMG_1721

At Hassalo on Eighth we have Portland Streetcar 010 bearing down on us.IMG_1723

We got lunch near the Portland marina at a nice place that sold sushi.IMG_1726

The Portland Museum of Science and Industry has a submarine on display in the river.IMG_1728

At SW River Pwky. and Moody we have a Portland Streetcar service on the B line.IMG_1729

Here is the same train near the OSU.IMG_1730

We went and walked over the Tilikum Crossing. Here we have streetcar 010 at the station right after the TKC.IMG_1743

After that we hopped on a train to the Portland Aerial Tram.IMG_1748

I feel sorry for anyone who has a fear of heights, because this is a trigger warning right here!IMG_1750

Here’s a roundtrip on the aerial tram, along with the arrivals and departures from the top station.

Here’s our Portland Streetcar tram, #009 at the OHSU Plaza station.


In front of our hotel we have a NS line streetcar for the Waterfront.IMG_1755

Here’s the view from out hotel. That concrete structure is the Orange MAX line.IMG_1756

Over the duration of our trip, I filmed a bunch of trains from our video. Here’s the video.

We got a NS line streetcar to the Red Line transfer point. The picture came out too blurry, so you can’t see it.

We transferred to the Red Line, where we got a Type 3 to Beaverton Transit Center. This train was built in October 2003.



I happened to be sitting on the sandbox.IMG_1766

The approach to Beaverton is actually semi-streetrunning, as you can see in this picture.IMG_1770

The reason we were going to Beaverton was so I could film the DMU WES commuter line. Here’s 2001 at the terminus of Beaverton.IMG_1771

Here’s a video of the arrival and departure. There’s also a bonus clip of our MAX train arriving.

Here’s a Type 1 at Beaverton, operating on a service towards Cleveland Rd.


And here’s 104 at Library/SW 9th.IMG_1783

Then we caught a Portland Streetcar, #001, to the nearest Safeway for dinner.IMG_1789



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