(2-18-17) Xizhi, Taichung

Здравствуйте glorious republic!

Today we start with a MATRA-made Brown Line medium-capacity MRT arriving at Zhongshan MS.

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(2-15/16-17) Arrival to Taiwan, Shen’ao Line

Hey guys,

Today we’re going off to Taiwan! This was actually the best Taiwan trip, in my opinion, ever! So to start off we’re at San Francisco International Airport with a SunCountry 737-700, most likely bound for Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Behind it is a Hawaiian Airlines 767-300ER, which could be destined for either Kahului or Honolulu International Airport.IMG_2658

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(11-12-16) November in Portland

Hello people of the world,

Today we’re starting out with a hotel breakfast of an omelet with ham and cheese, sugary puffs, a muffin, sausage, doughnut, and hash browns. Perfectly unhealthy and completely devoid of nutrition! IMG_1791

Here’s Ollie, looking rather inquisitive. He’s getting ready to ride the Portland Streetcar!


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