(11-12-16) November in Portland

Hello people of the world,

Today we’re starting out with a hotel breakfast of an omelet with ham and cheese, sugary puffs, a muffin, sausage, doughnut, and hash browns. Perfectly unhealthy and completely devoid of nutrition! IMG_1791

Here’s Ollie, looking rather inquisitive. He’s getting ready to ride the Portland Streetcar!


Here’s the Portland City Library, right before it opened. That’s a lot of people!IMG_1803

So after we hopped onto a Yellow Line train to Union Station. Here’s Union Station. Yay…IMG_1806

Near the terminus of the green line, we have a Type 1 hooked up to a Type 3 at the roundabout loop.IMG_1810

On the Orange Line flyover, which could be seen from the hotel room, we have a Portland Streetcar.IMG_1813

Here’s #024 at our local station.IMG_1832

Here are two Type 4s.IMG_1833

Here’s a Type 5.IMG_1839

OMG A GMD-1!!!IMG_1841

Near the Museum of Science and Industry they had some old graffiti-covered passenger coaches. Here is a fine specimen.IMG_1843IMG_1844

The MOSI has a very historic steam engine.IMG_1845

It’s the GMD-1!IMG_1847Here we have a Vista-Dome car from the North Coast Limited, which was an old Northern Pacific train.IMG_1851And here’s a UP caboose.IMG_1852

Here is Nickel Plate Road 190, a Morrison-Knudsen PA-1. The last of its kind!IMG_1855

Here’s SP&S 700, a steam locomotive.IMG_1857

Here’s SP 4449, which is my friend’s favorite locomotive. This loco used to run Daylight Limited services between San Francisco and Los Angeles Station.IMG_1858IMG_1859IMG_1860

The rear wheels on this thing are massive!IMG_1862

Here’s the back of NPR 190.IMG_1866

Here’s some of the old coaches from the Empire Builder, another train run by Great Northern.IMG_1868

Here’s the rear of the coaches from the North Coast Limited.IMG_1869

And here’s another view of the North Coast Limited stock. IMG_1870IMG_1871

Here’s the caboose again.IMG_1872

Here’s the end of the ORHF’s Holiday Express, which is pulled by SP 4449.IMG_1874

I didn’t realize that there was an SW10 in there! SW10s are rebuilt SW7s, and most of them have been replaced by newer locomotives, except for some shortline railroads.IMG_1875IMG_1876

Little Boy was a Daylight Limited baggage coach that has now been put on display.IMG_1877

Here’s the SW10 again.IMG_1878

Further back was an ALCO RS-3 from the Nickel Plate Road.IMG_1879

Here’s the front of the SW10.IMG_1882

Here’s the front of the RS-3.IMG_1884IMG_1886

Here is the builders plate for the EMD SW10.IMG_1888

Now that we’re on the train, here’s the view we had.IMG_1892

There’s 96 again.IMG_1893

Here’s a video of a freight train that we saw while on the train.

The train took us to a wildlife refuge. Here’s a view.


The train car that we were in, the green caboose with windows, stank. It was loud, reeked of gas, and gave me a stomachache after the train ride. Blech.

I still liked the locomotive, though. GMD-1! GMD-1! GMD-1!

We caught an A-Line streetcar back to our hotel.


Ollie was completely pooped after our day. Aw….IMG_1912

Next post will be about leaving Portland.


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