(11-13-16) November in Portland

Hi guys,

Today we’re leaving Portland. To begin we have the Type 3 Orange Line train that we took from our hotel station to Pioneer Square.IMG_1926

Then we caught a Type 4 Blue Line towards Gateway/NE 99th Ave. TC. The Type 4s are paired with each other, and they have no cabs in the center of the two-car train. As you can see, the cabs have been replaced with a large window and more seats.


The signature light at the top of most light rails has also been blacked out.IMG_1929

At Gateway TC we saw a Type 2 on a Not-in-Service run.IMG_1933

From there we caught a Type 5 to the airport. This last ride would mean that I had ridden every single type of Trimet LRV!!! Yay me…IMG_1937

Since this is the end of our trip, I figured it would be a good time to show you several of the videos of trains we saw during our trip. Here’s the Coast Starlight at various places.

Here are all of the MAX trains I saw.

Here are all of the Portland Streetcars.

And here are some buses from PDX airport.

Here’s are plane, an A320 named YouTube Air.


Here’s a United 737-800.IMG_1945IMG_1946

We had a wonderful engine view, as we were sitting in seat 6ABC.IMG_1947

Here’s a Delta 717, as seen from our rainy airplane window.IMG_1949IMG_1950

There’s an interesting shuttle bus. What’s interesting is that the rear wheel is covered up and there’s a rear door.IMG_1951

Takeoff time!

Ugh. This is what I saw for the entirety of the flight whenever I wanted to view CC.


There’s one of the big mountains, as viewed from 30,000 feet up.IMG_1956

There’s the Bay Bridge, which we saw on our descent path. I think the airfield down there might be Oakland or Alameda airports.IMG_1965

Here’s our landing video.

Next post will be about my December trip to Davis.


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