(12-28-16) Davis

Hey guys,

Today we’re going to Davis! Yay…

Starting us off we have a former box car on what looks like a former industrial spur.IMG_2193

Right next to the station is a wye for the California Northern. Later that night I would catch a train running down these very tracks!IMG_2194IMG_2195

Here’s a cactus.IMG_2197

After that we went to the Toad Hollow Dog park for some railfanning and also to let Ollie play.IMG_2199IMG_2200IMG_2201

Wow. Just wow. I looked up the phone number, and the phone number checks out to the Davis SPCA.IMG_2203

Here’s Davis Amtrak station.IMG_2204

Davis used to have a switch tower, which was called Davis Tower.IMG_2205

Here is the platform for Davis Station.IMG_2206IMG_2207IMG_2208IMG_2209

While we were sitting at Davis we saw two trains.IMG_2210

I’ll show you guys the video two posts from now, ‘cuz I’m too lazy to link it here.

Here’s a searchlight signal.IMG_2211

Tomorrow we do random stuff around Davis.


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