(12-29-16) Davis

Hey peeps!

Today we start off with a MOW train near the dog park.IMG_2219

We went to Davis in the morning to catch the arrival of the Chicago-bound California Zephyr. We got there before the CZ arrived, so here’s some searchlight signals.IMG_2222

That sign reads, “Danger METH Do Not Cross Tracks Until Train Stops”IMG_2223

The CZ arrived, carrying a special treat! AMTK 1761 is a former US Mail-car-changed-Amtrak-Budd-Baggage-Car. Recently Amtrak has been replacing their Budd baggage with Viewliner baggage car in the Phase III paint scheme, which clashes horribly with the Phase V locomotives and Phase IV cars.IMG_2226IMG_2227

P42DC 87 was trailing that day.IMG_2228158 was en pointe.IMG_2229

Here’s the baggage car with the door closed.IMG_2232

After the train left we proceeded to UC Davis, where I photographed this building.IMG_2236

The tracks run right next to the UC Davis campus.IMG_2237

The following photos are from the UC Davis campus.IMG_2240IMG_2241IMG_2242IMG_2243IMG_2244IMG_2245IMG_2246IMG_2247

Back at Davis station we have California car CDTX 8302 leading an Oakland-bound Capitol Corridor service.IMG_2251

I was surprised to see that Davis had an Amtrak map with every single station listed! Clearly this map was made before 2005, as it includes the Sunset Limited route between New Orleans and Florida.IMG_2253

Next post will be about the Sacramento RT.


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