(12-30-16) Davis


So today we visited Sacramento, as I had only been to the State Railway Museum. Near the station we have a CAF LRV and a Siemens-Duewag U2A.IMG_2254IMG_2255IMG_2256

Behind the U2A was another U2A, #124.IMG_2257

And another unidentified U2A, this one in a newer paint scheme.IMG_2258

And behind that was another U2A, #128.IMG_2259IMG_2260Parked on the switch was an unidentified CAF LRV.IMG_2261

Here is what their day passes looked like.IMG_2264

We hopped on a CAF LRV to the Capitol Building. This is the interior.IMG_2270

Here is a Watt/I-80 bound CAF LRV near the Capitol Building.IMG_2272

Here’s the Capitol Building.IMG_2274IMG_2275IMG_2276IMG_2277IMG_2278IMG_2279IMG_2280Clearly Sacramento hasn’t got over the Christmas Rush yet.IMG_2283Standing outside of the Stanford House was this big Orange tree.IMG_2285

I’m feeling lazy, so here’s some Stanford House pictures.IMG_2286IMG_2287IMG_2288

Yolobus = Bossbus.IMG_2291

Back at Sac Valley we have Siemens-Duewag #128, which was our ride back.IMG_2301116 was the mystery U2A with the new scheme.IMG_2303

Here’s a video of the Sacramento RT.

I figured that now would be as good a time as any to show all the trains I saw during this short trip to Davis.

Back at Toad Hollow, we have this strange street-sweeping contraption.IMG_2308

Ollie was clearly ready to go.


However we swung by the Railway Museum, but we couldn’t go inside as the lines were too long. So we just looked at the outside exhibits instead, like this UP caboose that was on display.IMG_2311

The lighting sucked, but here’s a passenger coach from Southern Pacific.IMG_2312IMG_2313

And here’s a steam engine. IMG_2315

Old Sacramento was clearly falling apart.IMG_2316IMG_2317

Apparently you needed a ticket to go inside the shed. S***.IMG_2320

The railroad museum’s 44-tonner was in the shed.IMG_2321IMG_2322

And here’s a goodbye from Ollie.IMG_2323

OK bye.

Next time we’ll be embarking on a journey to Taiwan.


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