(2-18-17) Xizhi, Taichung

Здравствуйте glorious republic!

Today we start with a MATRA-made Brown Line medium-capacity MRT arriving at Zhongshan MS.

I always enjoy riding the Brown Line because there is always a RFW. So here’s a RFW video.

I originally tried to score a ride on the Chu-Kuang Hao Express, but then we were too late. So I just filmed this MRT leaving.

Since this was all the time we spent at Songshan Station, here’s all the trains we saw there.

Moving on to Xizhi we have a PP E1000 trainset operating on a Southbound Tze-Chiang Hao towards Kaohsiung…or somewhere southward.IMG_2856

And here we have an Eastbound service for Qidu, Keelung, Hualien, Taitung, or somewhere like that.IMG_2857

I absolutely love spending time at Xizhi station. Great place, frequent trains, and if you time it right (theoretically) you can catch a Chu-Kuang Hao, Fu-Hsing Hao, and even a Taroko, in, like, an hour!

When we got to Nangang Station I noticed a Puyuma set on the opposite track, so I took a blurry photo.IMG_2867

Here we have the EMU700 local train we rode from Xizhi.

The only reason we got off at Nangang was to ride on the Muzha line. As I said before, I absolutely love the RFW on it. Here are all the trains we passed.

We rode a Line 5 Nangang service to one of the Taipei malls. Here’s our train arriving at Taipei City Hall.

No trip to Taiwan would be considered legally complete without a picture of the Taipei 101. So here’s the Taipei 101.IMG_2877IMG_2878IMG_2879

We took Line 5 to Taipei Main Station, where I caught it leaving along with another C321 set leaving.

I was so excited that we could get to Taipei THSR station early because of the extension to Nangang. It was great being able to railfan Taipei Main station, which is something I never get to do.

Here’s our train leaving Taichung.

Wow, copyright infringe much?IMG_2889

Tomorrow we head to Changhua to make the yearly pilgrimage to the roundhouse there!


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