(11-11-16) November in Portland

Hi guys.

Starting off this short long weekend trip to Portland, we have Ollie sitting patiently in is car seat. This would be our first trip where we took Ollie on a plane, so it was really special!IMG_1648

Here’s Ollie in his transport bag.IMG_1650

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(8-28-16) Departure

Salutations, glorious republic!

Today we’re leaving NYC. Starting our day out, we have many subway cars at the Jamaica yard.IMG_1135

I figured that now would be as good a time as any to show you the compilation of NYC subway videos that I took during this trip.

At JFK, we have an Air India 777-300ER most likely bound for Delhi.


Here we have a Virgin America A320. This one’s Sol Plane.IMG_1138Delta has a couple (many) planes at it’s JFK hub. Here are a couple Boeing 757 specimens. Continue reading

(8-27-17) Transit Museum

Hey peeps!

Today we’re going to the NYCTA transit museum, in Brooklyn. Here we have a R188 7 line service at Flushing Main Street, ready to begin a run to 34 St Hudson-Yards.IMG_1053

Changing trains at Court Square, we have a R68 G service at Court Square.IMG_1057

In my YouTube video here, there’s a cabride about 2 minutes in. I hung around the first car, where this a railfan window, albeit a very scratched one.IMG_1058

As you can see, Westinghouse, ANF Industrie, and Alsthom all worked on this carriage.IMG_1060

The driver of the R68 was a jittery guy. Here he is checking the four-car train for any stragglers at Hoyt-Schermerhorn St station.IMG_1061When they were building the subway they had to use mine carts to transport materials.IMG_1068In the pre-subway days, New York had a very large network of cable cars and streetcars.


When the old City Hall station was being built, they ran narrow gauge mine cart tracks, complete with a small turntable.


Here we have a detail of a crossing gate that was on display at the museum.


And here we have a Yellow Redbird on shrubbery duty.IMG_1076

Here we have NY&MRRW Railway 2-4-6 Tank Engine Gravesend.IMG_1079

Here we have a streetcar.IMG_1080

Here we have a BU car.IMG_1083IMG_1087

Here we have a World’s Fair painted R33.


R12 was also on display.IMG_1091

Here we have R15 6239 in a red and beige scheme.IMG_1094

Here we have a Q-type car on display.IMG_1096

Here is old pump car 56, which has pumps inside.IMG_1100IMG_1102IMG_1103

LIRR 60, or a caboose, was on display behind a steeplecab and a diesel switcher.IMG_1104

Good to see you again, Dashing Dan.IMG_1106


GE 40-tonner switcher that used to operate work trains was present and accounted for.IMG_1110

A former A train, or a R44 was also on display.IMG_1112

R16 happened to be there, too.IMG_1113

AB Standard was there.


Here we have an unidentified stainless-steel coach.IMG_1119

This train was rolled for Coney Island.


Here is a model of one of the earliest forms of public transportation in New York. With some of those BU cars is a 0-4-0 tank engine.IMG_1129

Tomorrow we leave NYC.

(8-24-16) Taking the Adirondack to NYC

Hi guys,

Today we’re leaving Montreal, and going to New York via the Amtrak Adirondack. Here we have AMT ALP-44 1364 on approach to Montreal Gare Central.

There used to be a swing bridge across the river, but then they opted after the old bridge became a bit old.

Wow, I had no idea AMT still had those Gallery cars and GO cars! I was surprised when I saw this, as I thought they were all scrapped.

Here we have a grain car from Saskatchewan. Nice paint scheme, though.

An easy way to tell that you are still in Canada is by the crossing gates. The crossbuck differs from the US variant, as it is white with a red border. Here in the US, we have a white crossbuck with the lettering, “Railroad Crossing”.

We sat here for a while.

Still in the same spot.

And again.

And still.

Here we have the Montreal-bound Adirondack passing us in upstate NY.

At one of the New York train stations, they had a historic ALCO locomotive sitting on display.

And at Saratoga Springs, the Saratoga and North Creek railroad had a BL2 locomotive on Tourist duty.

Now that we’re at Albany-Rensselaer station for the power change, here we have P42-DC AMTK #703.

Here we have the builder’s plate for the locomotive.

On the Hudson I took many sunset pictures. Given that we were clocking 90 MPH, I didn’t include all of them. Here are a couple of the best ones.

At Penn Station, I filmed the M7 that was going to take us to Flushing-Main Street.

(8-23-16) Exporail, Vendome

Hey guys,

Continuing what I have started hereherehere, and here, we have my next installment of my East Coast 2016 trip to Toronto and Montreal.

Here we have a video of the doors on the Montreal Metro, which actually open a second before the train comes to a complete stop.

We then had to rush to Lucien L’allier station, where we got lost in the maze of construction that was going on at L’allier. At that stage, we were cutting it very fine with the time. We then rushed to the station, tried to buy a ticket, and went and asked a ticket agent who was clearly from New York. He then sighed and radioed the conductor to hold the train for a couple of minutes while we ran onto the platform. Obviously we made it onboard, because there is only one trip per day in the reverse peak direction. Here we are on the river going from Montreal Island to the rest of Quebec.

At St. Constant, EMD F59PHI 1323 was leaving us…forever! Just kidding, we actually saw it on the return run.

Clearly the departures board at Saint-Constant has been having some problems, as we took a train bound for Candiac and it was not 5:43 in the morning.

We made the short walk to Canada’s largest railway museum, Exporail.

In the front of the museum, they had a narrow-gauge engine that was plinthed. 

In the front of the museum, they had a former CP Budd RDC-4 that was put on display. RDCs are Rail Diesel Cars that were built by Budd in the 1950s.

Here we have Dorchester, the very first locomotive to run in Canada, which ran on wood.

Of the Mallard class, No 4489 Dominion of Canada is a steam locomotive that is related to the locomotives from Great Britain. It’s sleek design was actually tested in a wind tunnel by Sir Nigel Gresley, of the LNER.

On display was also a CN private car,  which actually comes with ditch lights. Personally I think that this is a very attractive car that would be very nice as a normal passenger car. Continue reading